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Precocious Puberty in 7 yoa girl


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Today, I got the results of my daughter's blood hormone test which showed positive for puberty hormones and the results of her bone age x-ray, which showed her to have the bone age of between a 10 and 11 year old. The nurse also said that the bone age was "severe", whatever THAT means? She turned 7 on 2-14-00. But if she had not been a preemie, her birthday would have been 5-10-00 (going by the due date.) She was given a steroid as an infant called Decadron for ten days to help her lungs develop and get her off of the ventilator, as the vent was causing Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia, or scarring of the lungs. We actually ran into her Neonatologist this week while at the hospital for tests, and reported all of this to him. He confirmed our remembrance that she would have died without the steroid. There is some suspicion that this is what caused the PP? Did any of your children get the same drug as infants? Well, Tuesday is her first Lupron shot. I would love to know what to expect. Am I insane in feeling like I am dealing with a schizophrenic manic-depressive child? One minute she's a sweet happy-go-lucky little girl playing on her swing set and the next she is this vicious mini-teen telling us she hates us because it's time to go to bed, or she's sitting crying over her aunt's horses which were sold three years ago. And the mouth! She has always been so kind and respectful. Now she seems to question every rule that she has ever had. My husband blames me as he works 60 hours minimum a wk. and I am a full-time Mommy. She has always been my full responsiblity. He thinks she is just spoiled. He says that if I had "knocked some sense into her" when she first started acting this way, she would "know who's boss." His proof of this delusional claim is in the fact that she RARELY questions his authority. (Of course, he RARELY askes her to do anything. Running her life and the house is 100% MY rsponsibility.) Is she really just a brat? I can't seem to believe that, when the next minute she is my sweet loving baby who wants to be held and kissed. She will also suddenly have days when she is back to her old easy-going self. Sometimes, when I ask her why she is angry or why she is melancholy, she says she just doesn't know. Has anyone else's child experienced similiar emotional extremes? Did the Lupron help? If yes, how soon does it take effect and how long will it last? She is starting out with shots once a month. As for physical symptoms, she has not yet started menstruating, (Thank God!) but has full mini-breasts, and leg, armpit and pubic hair. She is also very tall at 53". Oh, I forgot she has also started getting litte pimples on her forehead. Also, how do you explain all of this to a daughter who knows nothing of sex? Thank you for any advice you may be able to share.


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