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constant sore throat.

D. Millspaugh

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I have a constant sore throat. I had an endo. done thinking I had acid reflux. I don't. The Dr, did find some yeast pockets and said that should not really make my throat sore like this anyway. I had all blood work done and everything is fine there.It is right in the area of where the adams apple would be. I have had a CT nothing, and the ENT has looked down my throat 3 times throught the nose and nothing. I guess I almost wish they could find something that could clear this up. It just hurts in a very sever and chronic way 24/7. It started when I used a Med pack/steriod back in August for a herniated disk. I thought maybe the Med pack had given me a sore throat for some reason. After that I had two dental surgeries with antibiotics and he also had me take med pack for healing both times then a urninary tract infection with more anitbiotics hence the yeast. I was also given flagyl and Avolux (Sp). anyway these and antibiotics. For a while in Oct the sore throat went away for about 3 month and then came back Around Jan. I don't know where else to turn. I am female and never had anything like this before. They did say my voice box was slightly swollen. Could this be an allergy that would just show up without other sypmtoms? I feel just like anyone would with a sore throat just ill all the time. I even went to the ER when I first had this because it felt like a knife in my throat. Found nothing except the swelling and this was before the antibiotics. Sometimes I get horse form it but it usually just last for a few min.. I do have a hiatal hernia but according to the Dr. this would not cause a constant sore throat. Sometimes it feels like food is sticking in my throat especiall bread. I burb a great deal more than I ever have or I am just more conscience of it and a few times I have had a sour fluid in the back of my throat. But over the years I have had that. I am sure everyone has. I do not have heart burn. I know what that feels like from pregnancy. I have had chest pains that run right up to my jaw and teeth. I found that drinking water cold or a coke quickly relieves this because it causes me to burb. I have had this for 15 years off and on no pattern. sometimes I am lying down and sometimes I am driving when this has hits me. I got to where I always have something to drink in the car just in case. I can go for months without this and then have several attacts in one day. I very seldom have this anymore not like I use to. I don't know if this is a connection. But this did not cause me to have this constant sore throat. As I said I have never had anything like this in my life last like this without some answers I don't know what to do. There does not seem to be anything wrong with me. My throat is red and raw looking. No strep done it all. Any help?


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