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Migraines/ Hypoglycemia


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I am a woman in my mid forties with both ocular migraines and hypoglycemia, along with systemic lupus. Migraines have been a part of my life since puberty and continue even though I had a complete hysterectomy including the removal of both ovaries in my late twenties. I was unable to bear children prior to the hysterectomy because my estrogen levels, due in part, to the lupus, caused cysts to envelope both ovaries and uterus and time simply ran out. I am writing to offer support to the women and daughters who are experiencing migraine/ hypoglycemia problems. First,I suggest creating a calendar to document your symptoms when they occur. You may find that they may or may not correlate with your menstrual cycles, but also the time of year, or the foods you are eating. I live in the South, and when the Bradford Pear trees begin blooming each Spring, and after the leaves have fallen from the trees each Fall, I experience my worst migraines of the year,(mold allergies.) Knowing this, I have been diligently taking allergy shots in each arm almost every week for the past 5 years, and have found remarkable improvement in the severity and frequency of the attacks from one migraine every 3-4 weeks to one 2-3 months. When I am suffering from a "left eye" or "temple" migraine, I can usually clear it within an hour or two, using a 50 mg. dose of a prescription tablet of sumatripan (brand name Imitrex) at the onset and then lie down in a dark cool room, devoid of light or noise. However, if I have a "right" eye or sinus migraine, I have to give myself an imitrex injection immediately and hope I've caught it in time before "the cycle" begins. I will start vomiting with diarrhea, the migraine will subside some, due to the shot, but will rebound hours later, and I will start the process over, pain, vomiting, shot, compazine, for up to 5 days. During that time I'll drink pedialite, coca-cola, ginger ale, soda crackers, and applesauce. I stay away from ALL milk products,chocolate and nuts, as they can and do cause relapses. Sometimes I will get an early warning such as a halo/aura, but more often it occurs, because I have gotten off schedule, sleep, stress,and diet, which is how hypoglycemia becomes part of the problem. With it, you need protein, so stay away from refined sugar, as much as possible, and drink water every time you crave a soft drink. I know that's hard, because I am a sweet- aholic, but it's the best way I have found to keep my body balanced along with a multitude of medications, because of the lupus. Eat several small healthy meals a day, Lots of green salads, using fresh lime juice instead of comercial salad dressing. That will also help your sugar cravings. Exercise - I'm limited with simple stretching exercises and/or walking. Sleep. Key issue can't do without it. I am disabled but without these measures, I could not function at all. I am one of the few lupus patients who can not tolerate steroids at all,so I am very careful and well supervised by some excellent physicians. I hope this helps the many of you who are suffering. grew ome with the


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