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Try Japanese Diet For Good Health


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Reading these messages, we Americans seem to have myriad health problems from allergies to cancer. What we eat may be the most important to good health, after all, what we put into our bodies determines how we function. My earnest and sincere suggestion would be to try to formulate and change your everyday diet to what the Japanese eat. Naturally, no one expects you to follow a Japanese diet exactly as some of the foods they consume would be too "foreign" to American tastes but one could modify it to make it more palatable. Why do I suggest the Japan diet? Here are a few facts. 1. Japanese life expectancy is the longest of any country. 2. Japanese women have much less breast cancer and if they do get it, survive longer than American or Europeans. 3. Japanese smoke more than Americans but seldom have lung cancer. 4. Prostrate cancer is much less prevalent in Japan than in the Western World. 5. Japanese women seldom have "hot flashes" from menopause such as Americans. 6. Old people in Japan are active into their 80's and even 90's and senility is less prevalent. TV personality Connie Chung visited a village in Japan where people eighty and ninety were youthful looking with smooth skins and no arthritis and all still farming or very active, no senility. They ate lots of seaweed, root plants and yams. Research seems to conclude that green tea acts as protective anti-oxidant against smoking. Soy products such as tofu protects aginst breast cancer and hot flashes from menopause. Mushrooms such as Shiitake and reishi and Maitake may prevent or cure cancer. In Japan, miso soup made from fermented soy beans is part of the morning meal. Gobo (burdock) is a pesky weed in America but in Japan it is eaten often and is medicinal. Curry stew is the second most popular dish in Japan and is medicinal since it contains about 9-12 highly beneficial herbs. To illustrate how diet helps let me relate this true story. My wife's lady friend is from Okinawa, Japan and married an America. After many years of eating the American diet, she developed colon cancer and was in stage 3 which is very bad, she could hardly walk to the car. She didn't want to go through radiation or chemotherapy, she believed it would make her worse. She went to Okinawa and natural healers put her on a Japanese diet of mushrooms, fish, seaweed, miso soup, tofu, brown rice, carrot juice, etc. This was a year ago. My wife called her home and was told that her friend is cancer free and has so much energy now that she hardly stays home and is busy running around visiting friens or shopping. Her doctors are amazed and want to know what she did to recover so well. Sorry this message is so long but I wanted to get the message out for Americans to modify their diet. You may be surprised that cutting down on meat consumption and milk alone may bring back your health. Hope you all pay attention and God bless.


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