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1/2 CURED!!! Bursitis- Everyone read


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ive spent $18,000 of my own money and just as much with insurance. I have seen many Drs, had bone scans, mri's been on every anti-inflammatory drug, After reading this message I hope I can make some sense of OUR DEBILItATING BURSITIS. Please read even if you have knee, shoulder, elbow (I have HIP). I believe that many of us with Bursitis is a "SYMPTON" of a structural deficiency we have. It doesnt make sense that active,healthy, athletic individuals wake up one day and have excruciating pain out of no where and cant walk, sit on lie down with unbearable pain. Our modern medicine Doctors cant explain it. All they can do is "Treat" the sympton but cant tell us what caused it or treat the cause. On 12/6/99 I was diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis both hips. Had all that Cortisone shots, drugs, Doctors told me to do physical therapy, swim, stretch, mris. Nothing showed and like the rest of us, Doctors were baffled and I thought it was all in my head. By March 2000 I couldnt sit, lay on back or sides, or cook, let alone walk for more than 2hrs a day. Last Doctor I saw gave me Morphine patches, Morphine drugs. permanent handicap sticker and said "YOU'VE GOT TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT". A female 44yrs old, biker, runner, bodybuilder, completely physical person all my life I was completely crushed. I dropped to 95lbs the pain was so bad I didnt want to eat or live. I couldnt except this so...... I believe that our busitis is a sympton of a structural problem we have. Whether one le shorter than the other. Think back, did you 20yrs ago fall on youre hip, pelvis, coccyx, hurt your back. It went away but now while were older we cant compensate in that weak link anymore. Were still doing at 40-50yrs old what we did when we were younger but our body isnt the same, especially if we dmaged/strained a part of our body yrs ago. For me, at 26 I fell on my coccyx, I hurt for about 2 wks but then and until now never had a problems, BUT, that fall caused my pelvis to be slightly displaced. which put a strain on my ligaments and tendons all these years.Because the hip joint conects the leg to the pelvis, the hip joint will sustain the brunt on any bio-mechanical abnormaility that may occur. The hip joints will be stressed. When the hip joint becomes lax, the muscles over the joint compensate for the LAXITY by tensing. As in the case with any joint (kneee, shoulder, etc.) lax ligaments initiate muscle tension in an attempt tpo stabilize the joint. With hips- this compensatory mechanism to stabilize the hip joint eventually causes the gluteus medius, muscle pyriformis and ILIOTIBIAL BAND/tensor fascia lata muscles to tighten becuase of chronic contraction in an attempt to compensate for a loose hip joint, The contracted gluteus medius can eventially irritate the TROCHANTERIC BURSA causing trochanteric bursitis. The bursa as we know is a fluid sace helps muscles glide over our bones. Cortisone typically only brings temporary relief but ut doesnt provide permanent relief beacuse we are not treating our LAX LIGAMENTS. The iliotibial band extends from pelvis over the hip joint to lateral knee. Its job is to abduct the leg when walking. When its tight it puts strain o the sacroiliac & lumbosacral ligaments.I cant take credit for his mdical info. Yo can read more from the book "Prolo your pain away by Ross A. Hauser. This was the first thing that made sense of my condition. What Ive done. I ceased stretching & physical therapy to get the inflammation down. There is no magic bullet to this. For 30 days, no work, cooking and NO BENDING. Got a picker stick to even pick up a simple piece of paper off the floor. I changed my diet, fasted for 1-3 days. Juiced for 3months. This worked, got my inflammation down -somewhat- went off all anti-infammatories except tylenol & used percocet if i absolutely needed. Found a renowned Osteopath/skelatal specialist- yes my pelvis was off so he did a manipulation to put my pelvis straight- NOTE: not all osteopaths know of this procedure. Now I am receiving Prolotherapy injections. The pelvis manipution helped me be able to sit and lay on m back with a lower pain level. Because of my weakness in ligaments from the hips it quickly took my SI joint out of wack which the manipulation helped it out. from pain level 9-10 brought me to a 6-8 pain level. Evenings are the worst. My prolotherapy injections have brought me to a pain level of 3-6. I am only on tylenol during the day and night and occasionally have to be on percocet. I am not completely cured but I have somewhat of a livable day. I still cant work. I need 6-12 treatments of prolotherapy which are causing my ligaments to strengthen and hold my hip joints in place. I recommed you read this book, if anything it helps you to understand how all of this comes together and it might be thetreatment for you My prolotherapy injections will continue till April as you have to wait 5-6 weeks after each injection. You cannot ice or take any motrins/advils. Only thing you can take is tylenol/percocet. But after 5 days till the 19th day my pain is cut in half. I still have a long way to go, I dont know if Ill ever be pain free or normal but I know my condition is caused by "laxity in ligaments" and Im not going crazy. When one doctor told me "you probably have fibromalagia" that was the last draw. I knew I didnt have it and I was determined to prove him wrong. Prolotherapy is not a magc bullet- Its a process to know what helps youre body and what makes it worse. You have to listen to it and act accordingly. If I can answerany questions please let me know, Ive been thru everything you have except surgery. If someone out there has surgery please email me on what worked or didnt.


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